• system gas leak

  • sensors gas leakage

  • Solenoid earthquakes

  • Independent detection

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While buying Alprose products , you need only to call our customer service center to help you choose the most suitable model for you. We’ll guide you in the best way to use our services.

Here are the services we are ready to issue:

*Fixing & Keeping *Free Installation *Teach you how to use the boiler *Periodical inspection

*Standard Spare Parts * Dealing seriously with your opinions & advices


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Factory(Technical Center): End of Sanaye’ Ave. 3 kms to Sero Road, Urmia, Iran

Tel:+98(0)914 347 2230

Tehran Bureau: SatarKhan,Alstom Bargh,jahanei Nasab crossroads,No.1, Unit 1B

Tel : 021-44271710-11 / Fax :021-44271710

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